Commercial Construction


Core Builder Group is one of South Florida’s local leaders in the Commercial Construction industry.

Core Builder Group is a Full-Service Commercial Construction Company serving Miami, and all of South Florida.

We’re a team in relentless pursuit when it comes to advancing in the industry of commercial construction as well as exceeding client expectations. We are a team of energetic, passionate, motivated people who love to work with others in a collaborative environment. Our team does not shy away from any challenge thrown our way. We’ll see the ‘bigger picture’ and focus on achieving the goals we set for a project. With this in mind, we strive to keep a high level of enthusiasm, which translates into the willingness to go the extra mile for our clients. Above all, customer satisfaction and quality are values we prioritize. This is what makes our team special.


Allow Us To Take On Your Next Commercial Construction Project

Commercial Construction Companies in Florida are in the business of building, selling or leasing manufacturing or assembly plants, retail shopping centers, restaurants, medical centers, and office spaces. In short, the business varies primarily in the size and scale of the project. Typically, there is a bidding process. Most commercial construction comes about as a result of a bidding process. An architect’s design is let out for bid, competitors submit bids, and the company with the best cost and specification match wins the bid. Usually, but not always, the construction site is already known and secured.


In today’s commercial construction environment, many builders now specialize in a single commercial market. For example, some may specialize in high-rise buildings, while others hone their expertise in providing heavy infrastructure facilities like dams or water treatment plants. Unlike our competitors, we try to diversify ourselves by being involved in almost every market. This allows us to build our team’s experience and hone our skills more efficiently.


Our Commercial Construction Services range from:

  • Residential Construction
  • Mixed Use Office Developments
  • Premium Retail Construction
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial Developments
  • Corporate Interiors
  • Religious Facilities


Are You Choosing The Right Team For The Job?


One equally important factor to consider is the team you choose to take on your project. It is essential you choose the right firm for the job. There are many Commercial Construction Companies in Florida, but none like Core Builder Group. We’ll be happy to take on your next project, regardless of size.

There is a lot of necessary work that needs to go into a commercial building. These buildings require on-going maintenance, external efforts to control and mitigate water intrusion and structural degradation. These efforts are required in order to extend a commercial buildings lifespan. With this in mind, you can rest assured the team at Core Builder Group will not let you down.


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Thorough Assessment Of Your Next Commercial Construction Project, Free Of Charge

At Core Builder Group, we will not charge you for an initial consultation for your commercial construction project, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We want you to feel comfortable by trusting us as your second family.

We will send one of our team members to review and assess your property and once the property is fully assessed, we’ll be able to provide you with multiple options on how to approach your commercial construction project with the best competitive pricing available.

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