Core Builder Group is one of South Florida’s local leaders dedicated to waterproofing of concrete infrastructure.

Regardless of the structure type, choosing the appropriate waterproofing solutions and techniques is crucial. For instance, these solutions and techniques require a deep understanding of factors, such as constructibility, useful life, environment, aesthetics, and the overall cost benefits to these alternatives.


Protect Your Home Or Concrete Structure With Waterproofing

CORE is known as one of the industry’s leading specialty contractors dedicated to resolving moisture problems. Whether its a challenging moisture intrusion issue on a concrete building envelope or more straightforward waterproofing of concrete infrastructure, CORE brings its clients over 100 years of combined experience in this field. In short, we establish stringent technical guidelines as well as project-specific quality control processes for each method we develop to ensure total success.


Our Waterproofing and Moisture Control services range from:

  • Drainage Systems
  • Sealant Systems
  • Crack Sealing & Repair
  • Expansion Joint Systems
  • Protective Sealers, Coatings & Membranes
  • Pile Jacketing
  • Chemical Grouting


Up to the present time, CORE has been the preferred provider of waterproofing and moisture control in Miami, Florida. Our primary focus is to protect your residential or commercial property from Florida’s ever-changing weather. Although Florida is everyone’s vacation destination, the rain can truly put the integrity of your waterproofing system to the test. With this in mind, it is essential choosing the right contractor for your next project. CORE would be happy to take on your next project, regardless of the size.


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Thorough Assessment Of What Waterproofing Services You Need, Free Of Charge

CORE will not charge you for an initial consultation for waterproofing, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We want you to feel comfortable by trusting us as your preferred team of waterproofing experts.

We will send one of our team members to review and assess your property and once the property is fully assessed, we’ll be able to provide you with multiple options on how to protect your home or commercial storefront with waterproofing.

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