Structural Repair & Concrete Restoration


It requires a certain set of skills, knowledge and experience to repair damaged or deteriorated structures. In other words, these factors demand a contractor with extensive specialty repair experience and proven quality control.

Structural Repair & Restoration is a fact of life for an old structure. This is especially true in South Florida. As a result of South Florida’s unique climate, buildings are affected differently here than anywhere else. In this case, “salt air” is the leading reason why a structure may need repair and restoration. The chlorides in the air make their way into the concrete of a structure, affecting it over time. Consequently, the rebar inside the rusts and expands. As a result of this, the concrete begins to crack and rupture. This specific kind of breach is called a “spall”. These spalls are what can lead to a dangerous collapse. For this reason, counties in South Florida take these matters very seriously.


Secure The Structure Of Your Building With Core Builder Group

The first step in determining the kind of Structural Repair & Restoration you need is investigating the cause of the deterioration. The contractors conducting the investigation should be well experienced in the means and methods of concrete condition assessment surveys.


Our Structural Repair & Restoration services range from:

  • Concrete Repair
  • Structural Repairs
  • Structural Restoration


Are You Hiring The Right Structural Repair & Restoration Contractor?

How do you know you are hiring the right contractor for the job? A structure is only as strong as the Structural Restoration Contractor behind it. Different from most, Core Builder Group understands the cause and effect of a deficiency, recognizing the required skillset and methods required for a proper repair. Each repair stands in its very own category where “one size does not fit all.” In other words, each structure is unique in its own way, therefore requiring a unique approach to achieve positive results.


Types Of Structural Concrete Restoration

The most common types of structural concrete repair include concrete spalls, cracks, aggressive environmental exposure, chemical degradation, poor construction techniques, delamination, and water damage. The first thing to remember is each repair method must provide a monolithic, fully bonded structural outcome where the concrete element exceeds the original design strength required. It is especially critical to hire a qualified concrete repair contractor to repair each concrete condition and deliver elegant results which will exceed your expectations. Most of these concrete repairs will require specific knowledge and installation techniques about materials such as specialty repair mortars, integrated protective systems, epoxy resins, bonding agents and external structural strengthening to endure different conditions and environments.


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At Core Builder Group, we will not charge you for an initial consultation for structural repair & restoration, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We want you to feel comfortable by trusting us as your structural repair & restoration team.

We will send one of our team members to review and assess your property and once the property is fully assessed, we will be able to provide you with multiple options on how to repair your current structures with the best competitive pricing available.

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