Post-Tensioning Repair


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In the event that you are facing potential structural degradation, CORE should be the first team you call. Bonded and unbounded post-tension structures present unique challenges for maintenance and repair. With this in mind, an understanding of the use and operation of post-tension systems allows Core Builder Group to effectively and efficiently assess the current conditions and recommend rehabilitation options. Our services range from barrier cable system installation to rehabilitation of concrete structures such as parking garages.


Extend The Lifespan Of Your Concrete Structure With Post-Tensioning Repair

Post-tensioning (PT) is one of the most advanced and efficient methods used in reinforcing concrete structures. As a result of advances in the industry, we’ve opened doors to new structural technology to allow for quicker and more efficient repair solutions. The forces contained within post-tensioning tendons demand that owners, designers and contractors who are tasked with maintenance of these concrete structures have a high understanding of knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of the concrete structure individuals are working on during a post-tensioning system repair.


Our Post-Tensioning Repair services range from:

  • Post-Tension Concrete Evaluation
  • Post-Tension Moisture Testing
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Grout Evaluation
  • Post Tension Structure Strengthening
  • Concrete Structure Protection (Barrier Coatings & Electrochemical Treatments)


CORE Builder Group provides our specialized contracting services to owners, engineers and contractors to assist ongoing maintenance, repairs and modifications for post tensioned and prestressed concrete structures. Our team is PTI (Post Tensioning Institute) certified and qualified to follow technical guidelines and quality standards for field repair procedures while still exceeding a client’s expectations and maintaining the integrity and safety of the concrete structure, and those around it.


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Thorough Assessment Of What Post-Tensioning Repairs You Need, Free Of Charge

At Core Builder Group, we will not charge you for an initial consultation for Post-Tensioning Repair, so don’t hesitate to contact us. All in all, we’d like you to feel comfortable by trusting us as your preferred Post-Tensioning Repair team.

We will send one of our team members to review and assess your property and once the property is fully assessed, we will be able to provide you with multiple options on how to repair your home or commercial storefront with post-tensioning repair.

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