Miami Dade County Recertification

Miami Dade County Recertification

Miami Dade Building Recertification Guide


The Miami-Dade County Building Safety Inspection program is a process in which buildings that reach an age of 25-30 years require recertification. The purpose of the recertification program is to make sure the structural integrity of the buildings located in Miami-Dade is being made. This is a program mandated and enforced by Miami-Dade County and the purpose of the program is to ensure safety for all occupants of the building; whether it’s a residential or commercial building. By reviewing this article on the Miami-Dade County Building Safety Inspection Program, you will be able to enhance your knowledge and expertise in the recertification process. 


What caused the building inspection program?


Following the surfside collapse, Florida implemented a significant milestone for building safety. However, in a county like Miami-Dade, many of these requirements were already in effect. To bolster preparedness, South Florida counties made necessary changes.


What does the inspection program include? 


The inspection is used to determine and examine the structural and electrical integrity of your building. A certified engineer or architect is qualified to determine it and they will look at many areas of your building. Such areas include the foundation, any masonry bearing walls, steel, wood, concrete framing systems & electrical services such as the fire safety system and electrical panels. These areas are important whether you have a building that’s commercial or residential commercial. 


How do I know if I need a recertification for my building?


In Miami-Dade, buildings constructed in 1982 or earlier will continue to adhere to Miami-Dade’s 40-year program. For structures three stories or taller built between 1983 and 1997 within three miles of the coast, a recertification inspection is required by December 31, 2024, and subsequently every ten years.


Buildings beyond three miles from the coast and constructed between 1983 and 1992 must undergo inspection by December 31, 2024, and repeat the process every ten years. If a building is three stories or taller within three miles of the coastline, constructed on or after 1998, it must undergo recertification inspection at 25 years and every ten years thereafter. Other buildings have until they reach 30 years, followed by inspections every ten years.


Miami-Dade requires recertification once the building reaches 30 years of age if the building is within 3 miles of the coast and 25 years if it’s 3 or more miles farther from the coast. This is a copy of what the request form from Miami-Dade County looks like.


Who is exempt from the new building inspection rule?


Notably, certain buildings are exempt from these requirements, including U.S. government buildings, state of Florida buildings, Indian reservations, school buildings under the county school board, one or two-family story buildings, fee-simple townhouses, and minor structures under 3500 sq ft.


Submitting your building inspection report


Following the conclusion of the Milestone inspection, you will be furnished with a detailed report encapsulating the inspector’s findings. It becomes imperative that you personally submit the entire report to your building department, as the inspector is not tasked with doing so on your behalf. To ensure ongoing compliance, the responsibility lies on you to adhere to the specified time frame for report submission as mandated by the city. To submit your recertification record, you can visit the following page. You can check on the status of your building through the Miami Dade County Website Portal


Summarizing the building inspection program


If your building stands at three stories or more and hits the 30-year mark, it mandates a milestone inspection.


Upon reaching this milestone, the city building department will dispatch a notice, prompting you to conduct the required inspection and submit the ensuing report.


Yet, in the absence of a formal notice, the responsibility remains on you to ensure adherence. Neglecting the inspection process and recertification may result in facing liability fees or, in extreme cases, the demolition of the structure.


Should deficiencies or deterioration be detected, Phase II of the Milestone Program comes into play. During this phase, the building is granted 180 days to rectify and repair identified issues before undergoing a comprehensive reinspection. For more information on the building recertification, you can visit Miami Dade County’s website for more information. 


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